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11 Apr 2021 -

Protection and litigation

Intangible assets are often a company’s primary value. It is therefore important to implement the best strategy to combat any counterfeiting and infringement of its intellectual property rights.

The protection of a patent, trademark or any intellectual property asset in general, in addition to requiring the filing of industrial property titles, requires timely defence of these same titles against possible counterfeiters.


Constant attention is necessary in order to defend the exclusive rights of patents, designs and trademarks. We help our customers do this with a consultancy service that includes a detailed and in-depth preventive analysis of any hypothetical conflict and the subsequent drafting of warning letters. We work alongside specialised law firms to follow the initiation of legal actions related to the protection of intellectual property.

We provide:

  • Consultancy on precautionary measures.
  • Coordination for customs control activities in the fight against counterfeiting.
  • Collaboration with specialised national and international law firms, for complete legal assistance.
  • Prior art searches.

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