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11 Apr 2021 -

Domain names

A domain name is a virtual address with which a certain website is indicated and recognised. The domain name has an indicative and distinctive function for the company using it in order to be “visible” online.

It is considered an atypical distinctive sign that serves to indicate the electronic address which allows a user to access the site distinguished by its domain name. It is also the distinctive sign with which a subject becomes recognisable on the internet.


Domain name registration is based on the principle that the name is assigned to the first user requesting it. In order to avoid possible interference and conflict between domain names and trademarks, before registering a domain name we suggest checking its availability through specific prior art searches which include examinations of company names, trademarks and domains.

Arbo offers the best services to protect its customers in this regard:

  • Registration of domain names in all existing extensions (both generic and national or geographical).
  • Local presence service (where required by local regulations and where the customer is personally unable to provide the same).
  • DNS provision.
  • Search and monitoring services for registered domains in the world.

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