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11 Apr 2021 -


The external visual appearance, aesthetic shape and ornament of a product can be protected through the registration of designs and models, as long as they are novel and have an individual character.  The registration of a model or design guarantees that the creator will have the exclusive use rights of the fruit of his or her creative and innovative effort.


The appearance of an entire product or part of it determined by the characteristics of its lines, contours, colours, shape, surface structure, materials or ornament can be registered as designs.
External features can also be protected by unregistered designs and models, or by copyright protection.
At Arbo, we develop the best protection strategy to defend the aesthetic characteristics of your idea. We use various procedural solutions:

  • Design and model preparation and filing in Italy and abroad.
  • Consultancy and assistance in examination, opposition and appeal procedures.
  • Research and opinions on design or model validity and registrability.
  • Deadline monitoring and forwarding related notices.
  • Transcription and annotation application filing to update ownership in Italy and abroad.
  • Consultancy in planning business strategies relating to creative innovation.
  • Consultancy and assistance for preparing assignments and licensing agreements.
  • Consultancy relating to counterfeiting issues.

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