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Can I patent a mobile app?

11 Apr 2021 - News

What is an app? A mobile app is software, entirely similar to a generic application in its electronic structure. What differentiates it is a drastic simplification of the features and graphical interface in order to obtain lightness, simplicity and speed, in line with the limited hardware resources of mobile devices compared to desktop computers. When […]

How is patent counterfeiting assessed in the case of ships, aircraft, etc.?

11 Apr 2021 - News

It is common knowledge that patents have a territorial connotation; that is, they protect the owner from counterfeiting within the borders of the State where the patent was filed. It is therefore legitimate to ask what happens if the patent concerns a device intended to be installed on vehicles, such as ships or aircraft, or […]

Can I patent a recipe for a dish?

11 Apr 2021 - News

There are no explicit exclusions for patenting a food recipe. To be recognised as such, an invention must meet patentability criteria, and this applies to a recipe as it would to any other invention. Firstly, the invention must resolve a technical problem. Therefore, a particular taste or a lighter finished product is not enough. The […]