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About Us


We develop the best
strategies to take care of
and protect an idea,
even before it is officially born,
and work to continue
protecting it while it
develops over time.

Our logo speaks to this: a delicate egg enclosed in a solid, protective shell, inspired by the so-called “Columbus’ egg”.
The message of this old tale is how the genius of those who find a solution before everyone else is decisive in achieving the set objective.

Our daily work focuses on protecting this genius, for all those people who work on a project with commitment and determination every day and want to see it fully achieved.

“And Columbus answered: the difference, my lords, is that you could have done it, but it was I who did!”

Arbo Intellectual Property Arbo Intellectual Property

Our Team

Group spirit, enthusiasm, experience.
This is us.

Andrea Arecco

Partner, Italian Patent Attorney

Giovanni Bottino

Partner, Italian and European Patent Attorney

Arbo was founded by Andrea Arecco and Giovanni Bottino. They are both biomedical engineers and have been working in the field of intellectual property protection for over ten years

They were motivated to create Studio Arbo by a desire to change certain paradigms of intellectual property consulting, an area in which they have grown as both colleagues and collaborators and in which they developed a shared vision of the skills necessary to best meet the needs of companies and individuals. Greatly passionate for all technical application fields, each new project is a stimulus that gives them the opportunity to further their know-how and put new and updated tools at the service of their customers.

Arbo was created thanks to their professional partnership and is based on attention, listening and caring for the needs of the person and the company. The continuous exploration of the fields of action, training and constant updating are the guidelines according to which Giovanni Bottino and Andrea Arecco work every day.

Matteo Dario Rossi

Matteo Dario Rossi

Legal Specialist

Matteo Dario Rossi, has a Law degree from the University of Genoa, with his thesis concentrating on the protection of Intellectual Property. He then earned a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law in collaboration with the University of Genoa and Confindustria, with a thesis on protection strategies of distinctive company signs.

He is an expert in corporate contracts and management and began collaborating with Andrea, Giovanni and Alessandro after gaining many years of experience working with several important law firms and notary offices throughout Liguria.

Matteo deals with the procedural aspects relating to various intellectual property titles, the preliminary assessment of trademarks and distinctive signs, and helps Arbo’s customers prepare their IP protection strategy, including through access to public notices and incentives.

Alessandro Boffa Fasset

Alessandro Boffa Fasset

Italian and European Trademark Attorney

Alessandro Boffa Fasset began his professional career with Andrea and Giovanni and joined ARBO after gaining many years experience working with some of the most important Industrial Property firms in Italy.

Qualified to represent customers’ trademark interests in dealings with the Italian Office (UIBM), the European Union Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Alessandro is dedicated to his customers and always available, convinced that the first step in strengthening protection in industrial property is to make companies aware of its importance in terms of commercial advantages.

In his experiences abroad, he has had the opportunity to establish robust professional collaborations with many foreign colleagues, ensuring his customers will also receive adequate support in countries outside the European Union.

He has a degree in Economics, with his thesis focusing on brand vulgarisation. He was also responsible for a column focusing on industrial property in an important Italian newspaper.



Licensing Executives Society

International Trademark Associate


We enthusiastically face the new challenges that are entrusted to us, every day.

Over the years we have regularly worked with:

  • Law firms specialising in industrial law
  • Qualified patent translators
  • Specialised patent designers
  • Designers and graphic designers
  • Confindustria (Association of Italian industries)
  • Patent research agencies
  • Investment and financing agencies
  • Economic evaluation and tax consultancy firms
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Universities

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